Gift Ideas for Mom

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We’re thankful that many of you come to Gill’s to look for special gifts – we want to help you find (or create) something memorable for Mom! Here are a few ideas. Happy Mother’s Day!

1. Create a Living Arrangement (or pick one of ours)

Choose your pot and plants for a unique living arrangement that Mom will love. Or let us help you put something special together. 

2. Bring Butterflies and Hummingbirds to Mom’s House

Right now is prime time to plant some hummingbird plants and/or add some feeders. Hummingbirds (and other birds) are hungry and looking. And don’t forget about the butterflies! 

3. Outfit Mom with Gardening Gear

Hats, gloves, nice hand tools, garden décor, mosquito-repelling incense sticks, watering cans, wind chimes, and lots more to get Mom ready to garden. 

4. Plant a Tree in Mom’s Honor

The gift that keeps giving. You’ll always remember when you planted it and why.

5. Let Mom Decide

When in doubt, a gift card is great. We always have gift cards at the register or give us a call to order with a nice gift envelope for Mom.

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