It’s Grubworm Time Again!

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With our mild winter, grub beetles emerged from the soil early this year. When you begin seeing June bugs flying around the porch light, you wait 5-6 weeks and then treat with Bayer Season Long Grub Control Granules. This year that is the middle of April versus our usual early May with colder winters. If you have not fertilized the lawn yet, you can spread Gill Lawn and Garden Fertilizer, then the Bayer Grub Granules and water them both in at the same time. Season long for this product means maximum 3 months, so a follow-up application may be necessary by mid July. Also note, these granules do not bother earthworms!


One Comment on “It’s Grubworm Time Again!”

  1. I’ve been hearing about adding “super” soil to yards to improve the grass. When should the soil be applied, and how much? Do you offer this service, how much would a normal size yard cost? Thank you. Billy Collins

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