Girl Scout Troop 9638 Visits Gills!

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Last week I had the pleasure and absolute delight of giving a tour of our Nursery to Girl Scout Troop 9638. As I lead the girls and one boy (younger brother) around, it gave me a chance to see what our Nursery looks like from someone else’s eyes. We talked about how fruit develops from a flower, what’s so important about soil, and how we can use plants in our daily lives as medicine, aromatherapy, and surprising edibles. Watching them get excited about breaking open an Aloe plant or pick their own Purslane “weeds” and munch on them woke me up to how important it is for our kids to garden, and to get their hands in the dirt! I am happy to announce that all the girls from Girl Scout Troop 9638 who came to Gills are on their way to getting their ‘Flower Badges’ and hopefully we piqued their interest in exploring gardening on their own and with their families.


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