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Kids’ Tree Giveaway This Saturday!


Attention parents and kids:  join us here at Gill’s this Saturday for a talk and tree planting demo.

All kids will receive a free native Live Oak tree seedling and soil blend for planting! We thought it would be fun to teach kids how to plant trees and give them their own tiny tree to care for and watch it grow. Here’s a preview of what we’ll discuss – see you Saturday!

Fall is the Best Time to Plant Trees

Planting trees in the fall, as temps start to cool down, helps their root systems get a head start. They spend all fall and winter focusing energy on growing deeper and stronger roots so that next Spring they can explode with growth of new leaves and branches. Also, those strong and deep roots help prepare them to withstand hot summer temps next year. 

Planting Small Trees is Easy!

Digging a big hole and planting a big tree gives you a big impact, but planting a small tree is a lot easier. It takes a lot less water too. Yes, it takes a long time to get a huge mature oak tree, but that’s a great reason to plant one as a kid!  You get to nurture the tree and watch it grow, which is so rewarding. 

Planting Trees Makes a Big Environmental Impact 

Native trees, like Live Oaks, provide the biggest benefit to our local ecosystem. They host a large number of caterpillars that turn into pollinators (butterflies and moths). And, they help provide a food source and habitat for native and migrating birds. Not to mention, they trap carbon and create clean oxygen!

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