Lynn’s Amaryllis: A Gift From Mom For a Lifetime

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Lynn Fernand has been working with us at Gill’s since 1991, that’s 25 years! She has as much love and energy for plants as anyone I know; her passion is contagious!

For years, around this time of year, she brings me a beautiful bouquet of “lipstick red” amaryllis blooms. Recently, I asked her if she had a story behind her amaryllis; well of course she did! Her mom, Sue Foley, had the mother bulbs of these amaryllis in her garden while Lynn was growing up. Sue called them “candy from God”. Lynn was one of six children in her family which meant that there was little time for gardening. Her bulbs grew in compact clay soil and thrived even though amending soil and fertilizing was seldom on her busy family’s “to-do” list.

When Lynn started her own family, she would go to her mom’s house and help her in the garden. One year, Sue divided her amaryllis and shared some with Lynn. Now, each spring, Lynn’s garden comes alive with the memory of her mom in the form of the beautiful amaryllis flowers, “candy from God”.

PS* Amaryllis bulbs aren’t available til the Fall, but we’ve got plenty of other gorgeous options for the moms in your life! Come see us!


2 Comments on “Lynn’s Amaryllis: A Gift From Mom For a Lifetime”

  1. Does the nursery have amaryllis bulbs for planting currently? And what colors if you have them to plant?

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