Oak Leaves Will Fall + Companion Plants For Your Veggies

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Oak Leaves Will Fall

If you haven’t noticed before, this is the time that live oak leaves turn and fall. They are fine when used as a mulch in shrub beds, but should not be allowed to sit on the lawn, as they can inhibit soil warming and healthy new growth of grass.



Companion Plants For Your Veggie Garden

Planting certain kinds of flowers in your veggie garden can not only attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, but can also help you get rid of pesky insects in your garden. Borage has bright blue flowers, and repels tomato hornworms. Marigolds have a certain compound in their root system that repels harmful nematodes. Catnip is said to keep flea beetles away, so is great to plant near Eggplant and Okra. And last but not least, radishes keep squash borers away. We carry most of these plants in seed form, so be sure to sprinkle them in the garden now!


10 Reasons To Mulch Gardens & Landscapes

1. Provides an excellent source of organic compost that offers nutrients for your plantings.

2. Insulates the soil around new plants from fluctuating spring temperatures.

3. Prevents soil erosion from water runoff during heavy downpours.

4. Retains moisture during the dry heat of the summer, which means less watering.

5. Suppresses weed seed germination and weed growth which can rob water and nutrients from landscape plants. Be sure to mulch 3-4 inches deep.

6. Beautifies the landscape, giving beds a manicured look.

7. Encourages earthworms to move in for improved soil structure and nutrient recycling.

8. Protects trees and shrubs from being damaged by lawnmowers and weedeaters.

9. Prevents soil borne fungus from splattering onto the leaves of plants.

10. Bark mulch can decompose over time, thus adding valuable nutrients back into the soil. In essence, mulching is time-released composting.


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