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Freeze Remedy: Palm Trees [VIDEO]

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Several varieties of palm trees likely suffered damage in the Big Freeze of ‘21. Some may recover, and some may not. Here are some things you can look for and steps you can take right now.

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  1. vilma says

    My queen palm’s heart is tipped over but still has some green so not sure if dead. how do I know if it is dead? It’s very tall so I can’t inspect.

    • James Gill says

      My pygmy date palm looked bad, I pruned out dead leaves (including the tender ones in the center), left the partially green leaves, and poured a little copper fungicide into the center to suppress rot if there was any live tissue left in the heart. I have been rewarded by 4″ of new frond pushing up in the center. I would suggest you do the same, if you watch the videos you will see examples. But a difference, this freeze was much less severe than the one two years ago.

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