6 Comments on “Freeze Remedy: How to Save Philodendrons”

  1. Hi, my crinum lilies are about the same size as these philodendrons. Should the crinum lilies be treated the same way? In other words, do I need to do more than remove the mush?

  2. Hi. I have a large, established iris. I know you’re supposed to cut it back in the fall but the leaves went from green to brownish and the flowers stems are limp and turning an ugly yellow. Should I cut it all back and wait till next year for blooms?

  3. Hi James. Thank you SO much for teaching me how to check woody stems for bright green life! This is why your community loves you so!

    What can you advise about Bird of Paradise plants?

    Ours (at the house we just bought) were 5-6′ high and wide, and, as I cut them back lower and lower, the stem interiors were all brown and mushy. Various sites claim they are likely dead and won’t come back. Is that also your position?

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