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Still Scratching Your Head 4 Months Post-Freeze?


Still scratching your head 4 months post-freeze? Still trying to decide which direction to go with your landscape? You can visit Gill’s anytime and get guidance with your DIY landscape projects – here’s how.

Our garden center team, rather than designers, are plant geeks: they know how particular plants grow, what plants like (sun/shade, wet/dry soil, etc.), and what supplies you’ll need to be successful with your project.

The best way our garden center staff can help you is for you to:

  1. Start small:  pick 1 area of your landscape to start with.
  2. Bring inspiration photos:  drive around neighborhoods, take photos of landscape styles and plants you like, get ideas from magazines, Pinterest, etc. 
  3. Bring photos of your landscape:  1) zoomed out views of your home and landscape and 2) pics of the area you are working on with rough measurements.
  4. Bring the basic plant care info:  1) About how many hours of sun does the area get? 2) Does the area drain well, or does it ever have standing water? 3) Is the area exposed to high wind? 

All of the above will help our garden center staff point you in the right direction, select plants, get you what you need to prepare your soil, and teach you how to feed and water your plants properly for the best results. 

Remember, Gill’s is also a landscape design and construction company. If you’re looking for a new landscape design and complete landscape overhaul, our landscape department handles the whole process from start to finish. This process takes time:  call or visit Gill’s to schedule a landscape design consultation, one of our designers will visit your property, create a custom design, then our installation crews will bring it to life. 

-Sally Gill

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  1. Ann Loberg says

    The freeze took out my 8 foot ponytail palm that we cut down to 2 feet. Now there are several “pups” growing from the base. If I can remove them can they be replanted?

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