What the Pros Grow: Gill Staff’s Fav Plants at Home

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We’re all plant geeks here at Gill’s. We spend time around plants all day, then go home and garden some more! We get excited to talk to each other about the plants we’re growing at home, so we thought it’d be fun to share with you too. 

Debbie’s Fiesta Hibiscus

I’ve always loved hibiscus and this Fiesta variety is at the top of my list. BIG non-stop flowers, deep green foliage, and loves this spot in my courtyard! Some sun, some shade….Perfect!!! Hibiscus add tropical beauty and they love our climate. 

Kelsie’s Monstera Minima

I brought this tiny 4” Monstera Minima home about a year ago and it’s grown to over 6 feet! I love it because it’s the easiest plant I’ve ever grown – super forgiving of low water and low light. Since it grows so fast, I’m training it to grow up around my window. 

Josh’s Porterweed

This is my purple Porterweed. I chose this plant for its big leaves and small blooms. The small blooms compliment the deep red trim and door on my front porch!

Sally’s Turk’s Cap

I love plants that give back to nature. Hummingbirds love Turk’s Cap, it’s native to our area, and it has NO bug or fungus issues. It thrives in the part sun/part shade spot under our Texas Sabal Palms in the front yard. 

Wyatt’s Crystal Ruby Grass

Crystal Ruby Grass is a beautiful low-growing grass with a max height of about 14-16” and about the same width, with light pink to white blooms in the Summer and Early Fall. Great for borders and creating small grassy areas in your pollinator garden. 

7 Comments on “What the Pros Grow: Gill Staff’s Fav Plants at Home”

  1. I live in Rockport so we have sand for soil. We are about 1 1/2 miles from the bay but at an elevation of 24’ above sea level. Half of our backyard has shade all but about 2 hours of the day because we back up to a wooded green belt and we have a patio cover and big trees in our yard. This would be on the northwest. We did a great flowerbed for shad with recommendations and plants from Gill. We are thinking if ground cover with flag stone as stepping stones for the remaining space (it’s small but need to get the lawn mower to the other side of the backyard. Given these conditions what ground cover would you recommend?

    1. If you have to move a lawn mower over the area, maybe the groundcover planting needs to be exceptionally short. Two natives that would do this very well are frogfruit and horseherb. We do not carry these in stock at most times, because it is rare for customers to buy plants that they don’t know. But if you ask we can often order in for you. Or you can propagate for yourself, they are natives in our area.

      1. Thank you so much. I will look them up and when it cools off a bit we will probably see if you can order for us. We really like your place and the customer service we receive there.

  2. I purchased several Hibiscus plants now they are developing a white fungus on leaves and on the buds please advice what I can do not to lose them and leaves are turning yellow. Thanks in advance for any help.

  3. I hate mealybugs! If you don’t take care of them quick, they will destroy the plant quick! I lost mine that way!! 🙁

  4. James Gill, in an earlier email I had asked about a good ground corner for a shady area that we needed to get a lawn mower across to mow the other side of our yard. You recommended horse herb or frog fruit. I have a couple of questions related to the horse herb. Will fall be a good time to plant it? How long will it take to get an order? What size are the plants? How far apart should they be planted? I appreciate you assistance on this. I have enjoyed doing business at you nursery. That is my new “go to” for plants and advice. We live in Rockport.

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