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Succulents – Our Winter Surprise!


Just when you think things are going monochromatic for the winter, a bright stalk appears in the landscape, then another and another… the aloe plants have gone into bloom. Torches of red, orange, and yellow cigar shaped flowers assure the eye and the heart that in winter, gardens are beautiful!

Succulent plants like aloes, agaves, echeverias, kalanchoes, and sedums show off their best colors during the season of short days…winter. From mid-November through late January, these trendy delights shoot up spires of strange unique flowers one might think came from a Dr. Seuss book. What a treat!

Use them in containers as living art, and combine them to make beautiful mixed gardens that are perfect for gifts. Add succulents to your table setting in tiny pots, or even use as decorations in a living wreath or centerpiece.

Some tips and trivia on succulents and their care:
  • – Succulents prefer morning sun and afternoon shade.
  • – They have a shallow root system and need good drainage.
  • – Fertilize once a month with Hasta Gro.
  • – A good way to check your succulents for water is place a flat rock onto the moist soil. Pick up the rock every few days and when soil beneath is dry- give your succulent a good drink.
  • – Protect from heavy rains by bringing pots onto a covered patio, or if in ground have a soil mix that is mounded and very porous. You can even set out a patio umbrella to help protect sensitive in-ground plants, or dig up valuable specimens and replant after things dry up.
  • – Take broken plant pieces and lay on top of the soil to start new plants. Plant in Cactus & Succulent mix once the roots have formed.
  • – Some succulents get colorful foliage during winter and will tolerate freezing temperatures, but others should be brought inside if temperatures are going below 40 F. So research your succulents before the next freeze to be ready.


Let us share the season of wonder and surprise! Come see us soon.



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