Flowering Cabbage & Kale, Another Winter Treasure!

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Spectacular is the best word for Flowering Cabbage & Kale, with its purple hues on sage green leaves. These ornamentals are in the same family as edible cabbage and kale, and can be eaten, but do not have good flavor. They are bred for their colorful foliage. Their contrast to the golds and browns of winter makes them especially stunning.

Below are some tips to guarantee your success with Flowering Cabbage & Kale:


  • – Best planted in ¾-day sun to full winter sun
  • – Plant in well-drained soil or in a pot
  • – They grow up to 14″ tall, 14″ wide so give room if planting in the ground. Can be tucked in with other contrasting annuals and eventually may take over
  • – Let soil dry between watering
  • – Beautiful mixed with winter snaps, pansies, violas, alyssum, petunias, and geraniums
  • – Fertilize with Hasta Gro every 2 weeks


2 Comments on “Flowering Cabbage & Kale, Another Winter Treasure!”

  1. Do you have the flowering kale plants now? I have pots running down both sides of my sidewalk, to my front door and I want to use this type kale during winter.

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