Time Out – Wait to Fertilize!

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Here comes the sun! Plants and lawns are certainly well-hydrated after all that rain. Our first impulse may be to fertilize as soon as the sun comes out, but we need to wait a little longer. Here’s how to make sure you get the best impact from feeding. 


In normal conditions, Fall lawn fertilizing should happen anytime between mid-September and mid-November. This year, we’d suggest waiting until later in September at the earliest. As you’ve probably noticed, since the soil was so dry before the big rains, it is taking longer for water to soak in or run off. You want your lawn to dry back out some before you fertilize so you can water the fertilizer in well (a good, evenly-applied ½ inch) and get it down to the roots. We love organic Medina Growin’ Green for lawns. One bag covers 3,000 sq. ft. and we have fertilizer spreaders available if you need to rent one.  

Established Landscape Plants

The same principle applies to established landscape plants. After the rains, they are getting ready to explode with new growth. Give them a week or so to dry out a bit, then give them a good feeding. They’ll need the extra energy. Organic Medina Growin’ Green or Plant Tone are excellent all-purpose granular fertilizers for landscape plants. Granular foods can be applied about once a month and supplemented with liquid Hasta Gro every couple weeks. 

New Plantings

If you got new veggies, flowers, or new landscape plants in before the rains, lucky you! Again, give them a little time to dry out a bit, then continue to feed with an organic granular once a month and supplement with liquid Hasta Gro every 2 weeks. Veggies are heavy feeders, especially if you want a big harvest. If you’re getting ready to plant now, be sure to get a bag of Bio Tone starter fertilizer. Mix a small handful into the soil when you plant to stimulate root growth.

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    1. Hi Miriam – we do not recommend any weed and feed fertilizers because they can damage trees and shrubs. We recommend fertilizing now (1st 2 weeks of October is prime time) with organic Medina Growin Green or Gill Lawn and Garden Fertilizer, then use Weed B Gone spray to treat for weeds when temps cool down to highs between 75 and 85. Forecast looks like next week will be perfect for that.

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