We miss Alameda too!

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I hear customers daily say how much they miss the Alameda Store. We all miss it! What started out to be a temporary  three month spring location turned out to last almost 30 years. We all loved the beauty of the store, the convenience of the location and the ambiance and feel of our quaint little nursery. We have all made the transition to our Airline location and really appreciate all the familiar faces who have managed to brave crossing SPID to come and see us. We are all here at a really big and beautiful location. Myself, Mary, Gary, Whitney, Kady, and Wyatt and don’t be surprised if you see Julie this Christmas. The expanded plant selection, the relaxed park like atmosphere and the wonderful people have made it an enjoyable transition. We will have all the impatiens you need to plant this fall, plenty of Paperwhite bulbs for the holidays and lots of poinsettias and Christmas trees just like Alameda and we will still deliver and take care of you as we always have in the past. For those that haven’t made the trek, come see us. We miss you! 

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2 Comments on “We miss Alameda too!”

  1. I really do not like the location at Airline ! The drive is clear across town for me. The Alameda Store was more convenient and located in the old Corpus Christi area neighborhoods that my “pioneer” family shopped. I was terribly disappointed to find you had moved and closed the Alameda nursery. So sorry ,for the people that loved this location. The good thing is you are on the same side of town Turner’s is located. See you later … further down the road. It will be a hard drive to make before 6:00 pm!

  2. Oh, how I wish Gills would open a nursery like the Alameda store close to where they were on Alameda. I so dislike driving all the way out to the Airline store. We truly need a spot on this side of town. Yes you are so very much missed!!

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