Burr Oak – an Awesome South Texas Tree

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The Burr Oak is one of the fastest-growing and largest of all the Oaks in Texas. Aside from Cottonwoods, Burr Oaks are the only deciduous tree in Texas that can reach 100 feet tall with a canopy spread of up to 80 feet. With proper water and food, it is not uncommon to get 2 to 3 feet of growth out of your Burr Oak every year. 

Burr Oaks are also highly adaptable and can handle our South Texas climate. One way they adapt is by developing a deep taproot that can find the underground moisture during periods of no rain.

Another benefit of deep roots is that they do not break slabs and push up through sidewalks. Burr Oaks are seldom affected by winds due to their thick trunks and heavy branches. And check out these giant golf ball size acorns! 

Come check out our selection – we love to talk trees and Fall is prime time to plant them! 


4 Comments on “Burr Oak – an Awesome South Texas Tree”

  1. Mike, I spent a few years in CC on Navigation Blvd! We just bought a house in Horse Shoe Bay Texas (Marble Falls). We have a 4-5 foot in diameter Burr Oak with a deck build around and close to the tree trunk. The wood deck is approximately 18 inches above the ground. Will this deck present a problem for my tree in the future?


  2. Hi Larry – the deck shouldn’t be a problem for the tree. Just keep an eye on fungal issues going on below the deck/staying too wet/being shaded.

  3. I have some type of oak tree in my front yard. For the first 15 years, it dropped leaves like crazy this time of year. Now, it doesn’t drop leaves that much but boy does it drop acorns. They aren’t big acorns and not very pretty ones at that. Is there anything that I can do to keep it from dropping acorns so much?

    The tree sits under some rocks that were actually placed out front by your team. Perhaps the tree isn’t getting enough water? I never water it. It has some type of lichen on the branches too. I don’t know if that means anything.

    1. Oak trees can either drop their leaves in the Fall or Spring to put out new leaves. The reason for extreme acorns could be a sign that a cold winter is expected and its putting on food for nature or it is caused from stress and is trying to reproduce new trees from its seeds. With this summers heat and not being watered consistent could be the reason for a lot of acorns. Try to water slow and deep once a week in the Spring till Fall and every 2-3 weeks in the winter if we are getting no rain.

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