Larry’s Organic Veggie Garden

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My two goals for my garden are to only use organics and to constantly be eating!

Check out the harvest: wax beans, eggplant, cucumbers, banana peppers, tangerine peppers, purple string beans, jalapenos, San Marzano tomatoes (great for pasta and pizza sauce), and sun bright tomatoes. 

If you want good veggies, prepping the garden beds is the most important thing. I amended my soil with organic compost and used Medina Growin’ Green to fertilize. I sprinkled both on the surface of the soil, then used a tiller to work both into the existing heavy clay soil.

Since I’ve re-done this bed a few times, the soil has gotten closer to a nice sandy loam. It gets a lot softer and easier to work with each year. 

Other than making sure you prep your beds and amend your soil, keeping everything mulched might be the next most important thing to do. Mulch helps a lot with watering – it helps retain moisture. Since I don’t want to use any chemicals, mulch is also important for helping control weeds.

Pro tip:  plant your entire veggie garden first, then go in and fill small spots with wax bean seeds since they produce a lot and don’t take up a lot of space. 


8 Comments on “Larry’s Organic Veggie Garden”

    1. Awesome to hear you liked the tip on the wax beans! Hope it helps you keep your garden full of treasures to harvest.

    1. Glad to you able to learn a little about wax beans. Hope you are able to try them out in your garden sometime. I thin you will be pleased with the fast growing, high producing little plant.

  1. I sent your photo to my cousin in Nebraska, so that she could see we can garden in the fall. Everything looks wonderful. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks sooo much for the feedback! Yeah we are pretty lucky being able to garden year round and there is a lot of varieties to pick from. Hope you have a great season!

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