Top 6 Must Do’s for April!

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Mark your calendars… Easter Sunday is April 21st! It’s time to get your outdoors ready for the Easter bunny & Spring celebrations. Here’s how!

Check out our April Garden Guide for more tips and remember that trees, shrubs, and perennials can be planted 12 months out of the year! The only difference is the amount of water they need depending on temperatures and wind!

1. Plant colorful flowers that look great for Easter celebrations & warmer weather
  • Some of our tops for sun include zinnias, angelonia, penta, and periwinkles. 
  • Shade favs include begonias, caladiums, coleus, sweet potato vine.
  • Mix and match. Make your own combo planters!
2. Get the lawn looking it’s best
  • Start watering your lawn once a week if we have not gotten rain.
  • If you have not already, you can spray those lawn weeds with Ortho Weed B Gone or Image early in the month then fertilize about 2 weeks after that. Gill Lawn & Garden Fertilizer works great.
3. Add tropical plants for some WOW in your landscape
  • Hibiscus and bougainvillea are putting on a spectacular show
  • Indoor jewels like crotons, & Ti plants work great outdoors 
  • Plumeria, gotta have at least one!
4. Freshen up the patio
  • Add blooming hanging baskets 
  • Redo pots with fresh flowers
  • Clean up your potted plants by trimming & shucking dead leaves
5. Keep an eye out for chomping insects
  • No need to spray UNLESS you have a problem.
  • It’s always good to start with the least toxic, organic is great!
6. Feed & mulch
  • Include a good food for your new & established plants. We’ve got some great ones.
  • Mulch makes everything look nice. Pick the one you like.

Check out our April Garden Guide for more tips!


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    1. Yes you can . You need at least 3-4 days of sunshine with no rain and that looks like Monday would be perfect after this weekends chance of rain. Sunny for the week again.

  1. Hi,
    I found a little green worm when I was trimming branches on my oak tree, what’s the best thing for that? I have a sprayer that I use to spray weeds in the easement behind the house.

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