March Garden Tips

gillnurseryMonthly Garden Guide

Lawn Care

  • Fertilize when the grass is actively growing. Apply Gill Lawn and Garden 13-1-3, Medina Growin’ Green, or Green Diamond 21-7-14 to your lawn. Water in well (approximately 30 minutes per area).
  • Organic fertilizers such as Milorganite and Lady Bug Lawn and Garden will feed your lawn and soil with minimal watering. Eliminate broad-leaf weeds with Ortho Weed B Gone liquid.
  • Lay new sod anytime, bermuda seed anytime this month.

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Most annuals and perennials can now be purchased as transplants this month. Here is a list of some of our favorites: (L-R) caladiums (plants and bulbs), larkspur, impatiens, salvia, gerbera daisy, alyssum, begonias, false heather, petunia, lantana, celosia, coleus, marigolds, blue daze.


Vegetable Seeds

Beans, okra, radish, pumpkins, and watermelons

Vegetable Transplants

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, and strawberries
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Hardy Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Grasses

All hardy and tropical trees, shrubs, vines and grasses. I can’t think of one that can’t be planted now!

Bulbs & Caladiums

Late spring and summer bulbs such as caladiums, and elephant ears


  • Azaleas, Gardenias & Magnolias

    with Miracle Gro ACR for Acid Loving Plants, GD Azalea Food, organically with Maestro Gro-Rose Glo

    All hibiscus and tropical bloomers with Hibiscus Food, organically with Maestro Gro-Rose Glo
    with Gill Lawn and Garden Fertilizer, Green Diamond Supreme Lawn Food, organically with Milorganite, Medina Growin Green or Lady Bug Lawn and Garden
    with Miracle Gro or Osmocote Time Release Granules, organically with Medina Growing Green, Lady Bug Lawn and Garden, Hasta Gro, Maestro Rose Glo, or Plant Tone
    with Bayer Rose & Flower Care, organically with Maestro Rose Glo or Plant Tone

    (3 years or older) with ammonium sulfate 21-0-0 available in 4 to 40 Lb. bags, organically with Medina Growing Green, Lady Bug Lawn and Garden, Hasta Gro, or Citrus Tone
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All granular fertilizer should be watered in well.
Do not fertilize tropicals – they need to rest.


  • All dead and freeze damaged wood from hardy and tropical trees, shrubs, vines and perennials
  • All early spring bloomers such as azaleas, carolina jessamine, climbing roses, and indian hawthorns after they finish their bloom

Watch Out For

  • Outbreaks of aphids, caterpillars, whitefly, scale, snails, pillbugs and beetles on everything from vegetables to trees. They should be out in full force and hungry.
  • Watch for powdery mildew and blackspot on roses.

    Treat with Liquid Sevin, organically with Thuricide, Dipel Dust or Spinosad
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    Treat with Liquid Sevin, Bayer Rose & Flower Spray, organically with Spinosad, Diatomaceous Earth, or Insecticidal soap


    Treat organically with Sluggo Plus.
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    Treat with Daconil, Systemic Fungicide, organically with Neem Oil or Serenade

  • White Fly

    Treat with Bayer Rose & Flower Spray, Bayer Tree & Shrub, organically with Sticky Traps, Insecticidal Soap, or Oil Spay

  • Scale

    Treat with Bayer Rose & Flower Spray, organically with Oil Spray


  • Water all plants well after planting, and regularly through the first year.
    Plants will begin to use more water as they grow and bloom.
  • Outdoor potted plants dry out quickly, as do hanging baskets and small annuals.
  • Mulch all plants to help hold moisture.