October To Do’s

  • Vegetable seeds: beet, carrot, cilantro, collards, garlic, lettuce, mustard, onion, parsley, radish, Swiss chard, spinach, and turnip.
  • Flower seeds: bluebonnets, California poppy, larkspur, sweet peas, wildflowers, and nasturtiums.
  • Vegetable transplants: broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, strawberries, and herbs.
  • Flower transplants: alyssum, asters, begonias, bluebonnet, calendula, chrysanthemum, dianthus (pinks) dusty miller, flowering cabbage and kale, geraniums, gerbera daisy, impatiens, lobelia, marigolds, pansies, petunias, phlox, salvia, shasta daisies, snapdragons, stock, verbenas and viola.
  • Flower bulbs: Begin refrigerating bulbs that require chilling such as hyacinths and paperwhites. Amaryllis can be planted now.
  • All container-grown trees and shrubs.
  • Winterize your lawn with Gill 13-1-3, or Supreme lawn food.
  • For an organic approach use Milorganite, Ladybug lawn & garden, or Medina Growin Green.
  • Tropicals with Hibiscus Food, organically with Maestro Rose Glo
  • Roses with Bayer Rose & Flower Rose Food, organically with Maestro Rose Glo
  • Blooming annuals and perennials with Hibiscus Food, or Osmocote 14-14-14 Time Release, organically with Medina Growin Green, Lady Bug Lawn and Garden, Hasta Gro or Maestro Rose Glo
  • Poinsettias with Miracle Gro, organically with Maestro Rose Glo
  • Vegetables with Hi Yield Ammonium Sulphate, or Osmocote 14-14-14 Time Release Granules, organically with Hasta Gro, Maestro Rose Glo or Plant Tone
  • All plants especially stressed, or recently transplanted, with Hasta Gro organic fertilizer or Super Thrive
  • Your newly planted vegetable and bedding plants regularly but take care not to overwater with cooler nighttime temperatures.
  • Cut back on watering your established plants and lawn as temperatures cool down, since they use less water. If you are unsure when to water, use a moisture meter to take out the guesswork.
Watch Out For:
  • Masses of worms eating your oak tree. Treat with Liquid Sevin, organically with Thuricide or Spinosad
  • Grub worms in lawns – treat with Bayer 24 hour Grub Control Granules, Bayer Complete or Spectricide Triazicide
  • Chinch bugs in lawns – treat with Spectracide Triazicide, organically with Diatomaceous Earth
  • Mealy bugs – treat with Liquid Sevin, or Spectracide Triazicide, or Bonide Systemic Liquid or Granule, organically with Neem Oil.
  • White flies on tropicals and perennials, especially lantana and hibiscus. Treat with Bayer Rose & Flower Spray, or Bayer Tree & Shrub Concentrate, organically with Pyrethrin, Insecticidal Soap or Neem Oil
  • Caterpillars or their damage (chewed leaves). Spray with Liquid Sevin, organically with Thuricide or Spinosad
  • Powdery mildew on crape myrtles and roses – use Daconil or Fertilome Systemic Fungicide, organically with Serenade or Neem Oil
  • Fleas and ticks – treat lawns with Cyonara, Spectracide Triazicide, organically with Spinosad, or Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer
  • Mosquitoes – Use Mosquito Beater Liquid for quick kill or Mosquito Beater granules to repel them.
  • Note – Please, Please, don’t kill the bees. They are one of the best sources; we have to pollinate our fruits, vegetables, flowers, and shrubs.
  • Apply Bayer Lawn Fungus as a preventative to brown patch fungus, which shows up as temperatures drop during fall and winter months, organically with Serenade for lawns.
  • Apply Ironite or Hi Yield Iron Plus to yellowing lawns, organically with Green Sand.
  • Continue to water deeply every 1 to 2 weeks if little rainfall.
  • Apply Nature’s Blend or Peat Moss to lawns prone to Take All Patch Fungus.
  • Your hardy, woody ornamentals and tropicals only to shape, not severely.
  • Summer perennials.

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  1. I need to move an over grown Hibiscus from my flower bed to another location. What precautions should I take when moving the shrub? What month can this be done? I live in zone 9.

    Do Asters do well in South Texas?

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